Danny Downing

Parks & Facilities
Title: Director of Parks and Facilities
Danny Downing


Mr. Downing is a native of Kilgore and attended Kilgore public schools and Kilgore College.


He began his career with the City of Kilgore Fire Department on October 17,1986, and worked with the Fire department for twenty nine years, during which time he achieved the highest certification attainable by a firefighter, the Master Firefighter Certificate.

In 2013, Danny was appointed Administrative Assistant Fire Chief. Along with fire administrative duties, came the responsibility of managing Meadowbrook Golf and Event Center.

Role as Director of Parks & Facilities

In October 2015, Danny accepted the position of  Director of Parks and Facilities.  Duties include oversight of all public city parks including:

  • Cemeteries
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Meadowbrook Golf and Event Center

Mr. Downing is quoted as saying, “As a Kilgore native, it makes me proud to be able to assist with the decision making process to help maintain and sometimes improve the beautification of Kilgore.”


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