I am having problems with skunks, raccoons, opossums, armadillos, etc. What can I do?

If wildlife is frequenting your property, you need to identify what is attracting them.  Wildlife is common in this part of Texas, and typically will not hang out at your house unless they are finding some type of food, water or shelter.  Pet food left out during the evening hours and open garbage containers are typical examples of this problem.  Removing access or their food source will often make them go away.  

If some type of wildlife is digging up your lawn, it is usually an armadillo or skunk digging for grubs, worms, etc.  Treat your yard with a pesticide to kill off their food source.

If you have crawl space under your house or damage to your roof that has open access holes, you are inviting wildlife to move in.  Cover and repair all areas of access with solid, sturdy material.  If we are unable to remove the wildlife we may suggest getting an exterminator.  

We do not trap and remove healthy wildlife unless it in a space occupied by people.  Wildlife trapped by accident or without approval will be released in the area in which it was caught.

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