How do I get deferred disposition

Deferred disposition or a deferral, is when a plea of guilty or no contest is entered or a finding of guilt is made.  The Judge may defer further proceedings without entering a guilty judgement and place the defendant on probation for a period of time not to exceed 180 days.  The Judge may oppose a special expense fee and other terms and conditions as provided by law.  If the defendant complies with the specific terms and conditions of the deferral then the case will be dismissed and not reported as a conviction on the defendant's record.  You must come to your initial appearance to request deferred disposition.  

Common Deferral Terms:

  • Deferral's are done on traffic violations as well as penal code violations such as:  theft, drunk in public, and possession of paraphernalia.  
  • Defendants that hold or did hold a Commercial Driver's License on the day of violation are not allowed to take a deferral for any violation that relates to motor vehicle control.  
  • Deferral's require a one time special expense fee and all court costs.

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