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If you have a sanitary sewer issue to report, please:

Wastewater Collection

The City's Collection and Distribution crew comprised of 6 employees helps maintain our wastewater infrastructure including sanitary sewer lines, manholes, and sanitary sewer service lines.

Day to day activities include: 

  • Repair sanitary sewer leaks
  • Install new sewer taps
  • Clear sanitary sewer clogs and clean sewer lines

Wastewater Treatment

Aerial photo of the Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Wastewater department is comprised of 4 employees that operate and maintain the Wastewater Treatment Plant which treats all of the City's sanitary sewage.

Day to day activities include:

  • Inspection, maintenance, and operation of the Wastewater Plant
  • Hauling of sludge to the landfill
  • Collecting samples for lab testing