Mission, Vision & Values


The Kilgore Police Department will set the standard for a safe and crime free community through service, professionalism and excellence in policing. This high standard will result in our citizens having a premier quality of life with a strong sense of security, free from crime and fear anywhere within the City of Kilgore.


To protect the lives and property of the people who live, work and play in the City of Kilgore and to enforce laws and ordinances within the framework of the United States Constitution with fairness, honesty and integrity.


"Serving Our Community"

Kilgore Police Department Core Values


Our Department is dedicated to serving our community. We serve our city, citizens and any visitor to our city as well. We serve by reducing fear and crime and giving aid and support to those in need. We understand and hold our motto, "Serving Our Community", as more than words on paper, but something we hold in the highest regard and put into action every day. We take public safety seriously and strive to make continuous improvements in partnership with the community. We are willing to sacrifice our needs for the needs of those we serve.


Our Department has and shows respect for all people from all walks of life. We treat all people with the utmost respect, compassion and dignity. We show concern and compassion for victims of crime and treat persons who violate the law with both fairness and vigilance. We value our employees as our most important resource. We believe by demonstrating respect for others, we will earn respect for the Kilgore Police Department.


Our Department holds integrity as our standard. We know in our profession and with the public trust, integrity is essential. Ethical conduct should be a part of all we say and do off and on duty. We should always have the courage to do what is right, fair and honest. Our actions will match our words.


Our Department believes the citizens deserve the best and we strive to achieve this with professional and personal excellence. We do not believe in the "Status Quo". All of our actions are guided by the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.


We hold ourselves fully accountable for our actions or failures on and off duty. We hold our supervisors accountable for their actions or failures of their employees when proper. We are accountable to each other, our department and most importantly the citizens we serve. We understand accountability promotes public trust which is essential to our mission.


We show genuine concern, care and empathy for others, treating all people with dignity. We understand there is no justice without mercy. We enforce the spirit of the law as opposed to the letter of the law whenever possible. We understand our authority has been given to us by the people, therefore we exercise its' power with tremendous diligence, integrity and compassion.