Wastewater Treatment

The City’s wastewater treatment plant plays an important part role in protecting the environment by removing impurities from the wastewater generated from residences, businesses and manufacturing facilities before discharging it back to the receiving stream. Through its various physical and biological processes, the plant continues to do an excellent job in treating the wastewater prior to returning it to the receiving stream.  The plant effluent is discharged to Rabbit Creek, which then flows into the Sabine River.

Daily sampling and analysis is required at the WWTP to ensure the efficient operation of the plant and to demonstrate compliance with the discharge permit issued by the TCEQ.

In addition to the in-house testing, samples were collected and sent to a contract lab for biomonitoring analyses.  The plant effluent is used as a habitat for two species of organisms, ceriodaphnia dubia (water flea) and pimephales promelas (fathead minnow), to determine their statistical survival, growth and reproduction rates.  This testing is an ongoing project as part of a toxicity reduction evaluation required by the TCEQ.