K-9 Unit

The mission of the Kilgore Police Department Canine Unit is to provide a trained police canine to assist in the prevention and detection of crimes, locating persons sought by the police, the promotion of a favorable public image of the police department, and for such other duties as may be directed by the administration of the Kilgore Police Department.

The Canine Unit endeavors to provide year round, 24 hour availability of a police canine in order to meet the needs of citizens and law enforcement personnel.  Enhancing department community relations as well as officer safety and productivity are key objectives of the canine unit mission.  Through training and education, the canine unit seeks continued self-improvement and an increasing involvement in the community law enforcement effort. 

Corporal Josh Sims has been employed with the Kilgore Police Department since June 2009.  Cpl. Sims has been assigned to the KPD K-9 Unit since October 2016 and works with KPD K-9 Jinto, a Belgian Malinois that was purchased from the Four Winds Police Dog Center in Geffen, The Netherlands in February 2011.  K-9 Jinto previously worked with K-9 Handler Officer BJ Burns.  Jinto is a dual purpose Patrol Service Dog trained in both illegal narcotics detection and patrol duties.  Jinto and K-9 handler Sims are currently certified through the National Narcotics Detector Dog Association in the detection of marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin.  Jinto and K-9 handler Sims’ patrol duties include criminal apprehension, handler protection, scent and discriminate tracking, evidence recovery and public demonstrations.  In Jinto’s short career, he has already been credited with locating illegal narcotics, stolen property and assisting in the arrest of felonious suspects.  




K9 Jeroen, a longtime member and senior police officer of the Kilgore Police Department, passed away February 15, 2012, due to a medical issue.  K9 Jeroen had served the Kilgore Police Department since 2004 as a member of the Patrol Division. Jeroen unselfishly served the Citizens of Kilgore with honor and devotion and will be greatly missed.