City of Kilgore Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement

The City organization is dedicated to providing an efficient, effective and responsive government for the citizens of Kilgore consistent with our city’s history, culture and unique character.  We recognize our citizens as our greatest assets, and we will serve as role models by anticipating and providing for the needs of the community through quality service, innovation and leadership for today and in the future.


Vision Statement


Our Vision:  A snapshot of Kilgore, Texas in 2028

A City that provides the citizens with a premier quality of life.  A City with a vibrant downtown, which has evolved into an entertainment destination for East Texans and Texans alike with fine dining and retail establishments.  A downtown that has maintained historical integrity and has continued to be rich in history and culture.  A City that has grown in all directions creating new vibrant walkable neighborhoods. Attractive parks and open space areas encompassing a trail system which criss-crosses the City connecting neighborhoods with parks, schools, and mixed-use centers. Entry corridors that include landscaping and attention to detail.  First rate infrastructure including well maintained streets, water, and sewer lines.  A City envied by all East Texans. 


Values Statement

Public Service is our purpose.  It is why we are here. 

Our Values:
Fiscally Responsible
Family Oriented